Flow 0.5


Flow is already a powerful tool, however it’s still in early days and bugs or errors can pop up once in a while. That said, we’re offering Version 0.5 on a pay-what-you-want basis.

Please send us as much love as you think we deserve.




Why pay what you want?

We think Flow is already valuable and we want you to see it for yourself. Also, we've heard from a lot of young des/devs who rely on free tools to help them get started – we want to support them.

For all of you who are able to pay for early access, it's totally open to you to do so – not only will you be supporting us, but you'll also be supporting younger versions of yourselves who can't afford a high price tag yet.

What does Flow actually cost?

That's totally up to you! We know some prototyping tools can cost up to around $200 a year per user.
We're totally happy with whatever Flow is worth to you!

What can I do with the current version?

Check out our Flow Beta Article on Medium

There are three main benefits in the current version:
1) You can make quickly make animations and export them as a movie – great for prototyping motion.
2) You can export code straight into an Xcode project. If you're savvy, you can use it in production.
3) You can work with Sketch files directly – no exporting to another format.

What's the value of Flow?

One of the main values is that it saves time when a designer hands off files to a developer. If both a designer and deveveloper on a team each save an hour in not having to create redlines or ask questions about timing / motion , then they've already gotten some value.

And, if they charge each out at $100/hr, they've just saved their team $200!